Sports Bars Showing the NCAA Tournament in Riverside

March is a busy month with St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Batman V Superman and the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament. Even if you are not a basketball fan, the single-elimination tournament is a fun sporting event to watch on TV and another great reason to head over to the bar and enjoy a few drinks with friends (and is anyone ever opposed to that?). Many offices will be filling out brackets, so why not get caught up in the fun. Here is a quick list of three great sports bars that will be showing the NCAA tournament near your Riverside apartment.


Duke’s Bar and Grill

3221 Iowa Ave
Riverside, CA 92507

Phone number: (951) 248-1143


Shooters Sports & Grill

10226 Indiana Ave
Riverside, CA 92503

Phone number: (951) 785-9588


The Spot Sports Bar & Grill

1223 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92507

Phone number: (951) 742-7601


Where To Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day Near Riverside

You can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a number of ways—going to a restaurant, a bar, club or parade—but isn’t the best way to partake in the holiday by going to an authentic Irish pub and enjoying a green beer or two (or three)?. This year St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Thursday, which happens to be the new Friday. If you are looking to have some fun this holiday, here are three great Irish pubs and restaurants to visit near your Riverside apartment. Remember to have fun and drink responsibly (and don’t call out of work on Friday).



3597 Main St
Riverside, CA 92501

Phone number: (951) 222-2110



Heroes Restaurant & Brewery

3397 Mission Inn Ave
Riverside, CA 92501

Phone number: (951) 248-0722




1275 Magnolia Ave
Corona, CA 92879 Phone number: (951) 808-4881

Apartment Renting Tips: When Should You Move

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of “When is the best time to rent an apartment” because the answers boil down to what you value most. Potential renters can save money by scoring a move-in deal during certain times of the year and other times they will have ample choice of apartment listings because everyone is moving. If you are thinking of moving into a Redlands apartment, here are a few tips.


Best time to save: winter is generally the best time to save money on an apartment by scoring a “move-in” discount or deal. Apartment renting is slow during the winter and open units can sit unoccupied for weeks and months on end. Many apartment complexes will offer huge discounts during this time of the year.


Choice and options: if finding the right apartment is what you value most, the best time to move is during the summer. Apartments experience ample turnover rates during June to September, so if choice is what you are after, waiting until the middle of the year to find a new apartment.