Riverside Halloween: Decorating Tips

Decorating your apartment may be the best part about Halloween! It’s fun, exciting, and a great way to change up your decor. If you are planning on decorating this year, here are some great tips we found online. Have fun decorating and try to be as spooky as possible!

Black licorice: anything black always looks slick, modern and spooky during Halloween. This year grab a few clear candy jars and place black licorice and black and white candy inside. This decoration can be subtle, but will go along way in creating the perfect decor atmosphere.


Black frames: print out a few scary portrait pictures (a quick Google search will return quite a bit of them) and place them inside the black frames. The frames can be quite scary once your guest notice them. There’s a simple DIY tutorial here.


Black twig wreath: We continue the “black” theme with yet another spray painting tip. Purchase a twig wreath from your local home good store (they fall in the $10 range) and spray paint it black. The color along with the twigs make this feel quite scary when placed on your wall. You can even add in spiders or other fun embellishments! Check out a full tutorial here.