Dine With Romance This Valentine’s Day

If you are looking to “wow” your date this Valentine’s Day, there is only one place to go in the Riverside area–Daune’s Prime Steak & Seafood. The location is a fine dining experience like no other and offers exquisite food, an elegant eating experience, and romance from top to bottom. Plates start at $60 per person, which can be a bit expensive, but if there was a time to spend a large amount of money on a meal, it’s during Valentine’s Day.

The restaurant is part of the Mission Inn Hotel, so for those really wanting to make the night special you can think about renting a room and turning date night into an two-day affair. Reviewers on Yelp call Duane’s “the best restaurant for all seafood and steak in the inland empire”. Here is some more information about the restaurant.

Duane’s Prime Steak & Seafood

3649 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside, CA 92501
Phone number (888) 326-4448