Labor Day Weekend is Coming Up!

Labor Day Weekend is coming up! It’s not only a time to take a break; it’s also a time to reflect on the social and economic achievements of the hard working Americans in the past and present. So relax, clear your mind, and have some fun!

Riverside, California offers plenty to do for the outdoor lovers, like heading out to the Hidden Valley Nature Center! There’s access to 25 miles of alluring hiking and equestrian trails. It’s great for those who want and need to get away from the lights and sounds of the city. There’s also the Riverside Art Museum, which is always something fun and educational for the family. There are interactive exhibits as well for the kiddos! Sometimes though, you just need to make a staycation out of your weekend and stay at home! Pull the grill out, invite some family and friends over, and enjoy a good meal together.

Regardless of what you choose to do with your holiday, have a very safe and fun weekend!

Riverside Fun: Two Places to Watch the Super Bowl

The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons are in the Super Bowl. Great if you are a Tom Brady fan, not so much if you hate the guy. Either way, you’ll need a place to watch the big game today, so let’s take a quick look at  two great places to try in Riverside. Remember, the game starts around 3pm.

Duke’s Bar and Grill

3221 Iowa Ave, Riverside, CA 92507
Phone number (951) 248-1143

Duke’s has multiple TVs, great seating, and an even better food menu. The sports bar does get packed for the Super Bowl so either show up early, or make a reservation.

Buffalo Wild Wings

3775 Tyler Street, Riverside, CA 92503
Phone number (951) 351-2463

BWW is a classic spot to watch any sporting event if you are looking for atmosphere and passion. The location on Tyler street has loads of parking and excellent service. Again, BWW is a popular place, so get there an hour or two beforehand.

Move into the Corona Pointe Apartments in Riverside

The Corona Pointe Apartments are more than just an apartment complex. They are an experience in luxury and upscale living. Amenities include instructor led Zumba and Spin classes, in Pool Volleyball net and a mini Movie Theater. Located near the 91 freeway and only minutes from all the great amenities the city of Riverside, the Corona Pointe apartments are perfect for young professionals looking to enjoy a lively and trendy city or families looking for a community dedicated to comfort and fun.

If you are ready to “live happy, healthy and green” take advantage of Corona Pointes world-class amenities. The complex has three sparkling pools, a 24-hour fitness center, a racquetball court, a playground for the children, a barbecue area and instructor led spin classes among other things. When you are ready for experience everything the Corona Pointe apartment have to offer, call 855.815.1570 to set up a FREE complex tour. Our team looks forward to making your apartment dreams come true.

Attend the Magnolia Center Market Night in Riverside

Riverside will be hosting a Market Night in Magnolia Center on Friday, May 20, which will feature local artist’s work, crafts, vintage items, various tasty food vendors, a Certified Farmers Market and a children’s zone. The event is free and open to the public and If you are looking for a fun yet casual activity to do with your family on a Friday night, the Magnolia Center Market seems to be the perfect way to enjoy a pre-summer evening. If you end up attending, drop us a line in the comments sections and let us know how it went. Here is some more information on the event and some contact info. Have fun and enjoy the day.


Magnolia Center Marketplace

Sunnyside Dr at Magnolia Ave

5/20/2016 6:00 PM 9:00 PM,, 951-342-3044



How To Throw An Academy Awards Party

The Oscars are this Sunday, February 28th at 5:30pm PST and if you have been waiting since Titanic for Leonardo DiCaprio to win his Academy Award for Best Actor, 2016 may finally be the year. If you are planning to host a party of get together with friends, here are a few tips for throwing a great event.


Champagne: you can never go wrong with a nice glass of champagne. So even though its late on a Sunday, and most people have work the next day, serve the bubbly to a bit of extra class to your event.


Name that movie: everyone loves to test their movie knowledge, so play a fun game before the ceremony even begins. Write a quote from each nominated movie on an index card and challenge your guest to “Name that Movie”


Fantasy Oscars: take the fantasy football craze and turn it on its side with fantasy Oscars. Let each person “draft” movies until most of the nominated films are off the board. Each film receives a point for every award they win. Add up all the points at the end of the night and see who comes out on top.

Tips For Living Next To a Construction Zone in Riverside

If there is construction work being done near your apartment, you already know what a nightmare that situation can be. Particularly if is being done early in the morning, or if you have children and cannot get them to nap throughout the day. If you are living in such a situation, here are a few tips for surviving a construction area.


Know the rules: every city has a various set of regulations for construction crews working in residential area. The most common of which is work cannot be done before 7am and after 5pm. Visit your local city has and find out other regulations.


Create a quiet room: sometimes construction work follows every regulation in the book, but the noise is still unbearable. If that is the case, try to create a quiet room by hanging heavy curtains, or cover your window with a foam bed topper—anything to reduce the noise.

Security Deposits: How to get them back

Once you move out of an apartment getting your security deposit back can be a nice financial addition that you weren’t necessarily expecting. You can use the money to help pay for moving cost, put it down as a new deposit, or even treat yourself to something nice. The key is that you leave your apartment in the right shape to get it back. Here are a few tips.


Clean, clean, clean: once you are ready to move, get out the mop and bucket and a little elbow grease and give everting a detailed cleaning. However, do not worry about normal wear and tear on the carpet, walls or anywhere else. Renters will not be dinged for that.


Take trash: many apartments will charge a disposal fee for any large items left in the apartment. So check the balcony, patio and closets to make sure you are not leaving anything behind.


Know your rights: if you do not get your deposit back, landlords are supposed to provide a detailed letter in writing by law. So be sure to get one if they are withholding any bit of your deposit.