Security Deposits: How to get them back

Once you move out of an apartment getting your security deposit back can be a nice financial addition that you weren’t necessarily expecting. You can use the money to help pay for moving cost, put it down as a new deposit, or even treat yourself to something nice. The key is that you leave your apartment in the right shape to get it back. Here are a few tips.


Clean, clean, clean: once you are ready to move, get out the mop and bucket and a little elbow grease and give everting a detailed cleaning. However, do not worry about normal wear and tear on the carpet, walls or anywhere else. Renters will not be dinged for that.


Take trash: many apartments will charge a disposal fee for any large items left in the apartment. So check the balcony, patio and closets to make sure you are not leaving anything behind.


Know your rights: if you do not get your deposit back, landlords are supposed to provide a detailed letter in writing by law. So be sure to get one if they are withholding any bit of your deposit.