3 Apartment Plants that Require Little Water

Plants are great and all. But with a busy lifestyle centered around family, work, and friends, who has time to water plants? If you are looking to put more green into your apartments décor but cannot trust yourself keeping a plant alive (don’t’ worry, we can’t either), then do we have the list for you. Here are three plants that require little water and upkeep to stay live.


Ponytail Palm: this is a wonderful looking plant, similar to a mini palm tree, that would spice up your apartments décor. The Palm thrives on very little water, and all it really needs is a lot of sun light.

Philodendron: is another Mexican bred plant that loves being dry. The plant also thrives in low light, so even if you forget all about it, things should be fine.

Crown of Thorns: this South African plant sounds like something straight out of Game of Thrones. The plant requires little water or upkeep and prefers to be dry.

How To Throw An Academy Awards Party

The Oscars are this Sunday, February 28th at 5:30pm PST and if you have been waiting since Titanic for Leonardo DiCaprio to win his Academy Award for Best Actor, 2016 may finally be the year. If you are planning to host a party of get together with friends, here are a few tips for throwing a great event.


Champagne: you can never go wrong with a nice glass of champagne. So even though its late on a Sunday, and most people have work the next day, serve the bubbly to a bit of extra class to your event.


Name that movie: everyone loves to test their movie knowledge, so play a fun game before the ceremony even begins. Write a quote from each nominated movie on an index card and challenge your guest to “Name that Movie”


Fantasy Oscars: take the fantasy football craze and turn it on its side with fantasy Oscars. Let each person “draft” movies until most of the nominated films are off the board. Each film receives a point for every award they win. Add up all the points at the end of the night and see who comes out on top.