Hiking in Riverside!


Are you looking for a great place to go hiking in Riverside? We want you to check out Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park, with 25 miles of hiking trails available, this location is a prime area for hiking. They offer guided tour hikes conducted by The Ameal Moore Nature Center, these tours are every first Saturday of the month starting at 9am and lasting for around 45-60 minutes. These hikes are great for the whole family and are child-friendly. You will learn fun facts on topics such as Avian Raptors, Native Plants, Mammals, Reptiles in the Park and more. It is recommended that all groups of 5 or more make a reservation 1 month in advance. If you live in the Riverside area give them a call and plan your next family outing at Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park.

Another great destination for hiking near Riverside is Box Springs Mountain Park, located in Moreno Vally. This park has over 1,100 acres and  15 miles of hiking trails. These hiking trails are great for people of all skill levels and you may get to see some wildlife along the way. Box Springs is open all year and allows you to bring your dog on a leash, kids will certainly enjoy the outdoors as well. Come out on a weekend and enjoy a day of hiking at one of these great parks.

Come out on a weekend and enjoy a day of hiking at one of these great parks.


Riverside Hiking: Where to be Active

The Mount Rubidoux Trail is the perfect trail to bring the entire family and even pets for a day of hiking and exercise with nature. The Rubidoux is nearly five miles of trails that travel alongside a creek, lush landscape and gorgeous mountains. The trail is open from 7am until sunset and free to the public.

Parking is free and plentiful, which makes the location a great place to enjoy the weekend with an early morning hike. You can even find a bench and have picnic with your family and watch the sun rise or set. The trail is located on Rubidoux Dr in Riverside. Have fun and enjoy your weekend fun. And be sure to bring the right equipment for your hike.

Mount Rubidoux Trail

Mount Rubidoux Dr, Riverside, CA 92501